Everyday Herbal Wellness Bundle Cooking Instructions

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TIPS: Recommended herbal soup ingredients & pairings

Below are a selection of recommended pairings however they are not mandatory. Use ingredients that are in season or your preferred aromatics to achieve your desired flavour. Don't be afraid to experiment! 

Qi Boosting Mix
  • Five finger peach soup - Chicken or pork & dried shiitake mushrooms
  • Coconut and chicken soup - Chicken, coconut meat and coconut water
Blood Nourishing Mix 
  • Black bean chicken soup - Chicken or black silkie chicken. Option to add dried scallop / cuttlefish.
  • Lotus root soup - Pork, lotus root (fresh or frozen) & peanuts
Yin Nourishing Mix
  • Papaya soup - Lean pork & 1 x papaya (ripe and cut into chunks)
Lung Nourishing Mix 
  • Watercress soup - Lean pork, 2 x bunches water cress, carrot and / or corn.
  • Dried bok choy soup - Lean pork & 1 bunch dried bok choy (thoroughly cleaned of dirt)
  • Artichoke soup - Lean pork, 1 big artichoke & carrot
  • Daikon radish soup - Pork ribs, daikon or green radish, carrot and top with corriader
  • Apple & pork soup - Lean pork and 2 apples and / or pear
  • Sweet papaya dessert soup (with no meat) - 1 x ripe papaya, dried bean curd sheets, ginger.
Digest & Debloat Support
  • Four herb soup - Pork and option to add dried scallops