Showcasing the natural beauty of Chinese herbs.

Join us on this journey to discover the centuries of wisdom and evidence-based research behind Traditional Chinese Medicine. We are here to demystify and explain the floaty ingredients in your good-for-you brothy herbal soups. Chinese herbs guides and paves the way for your body to regain balance and thrive holistically.

Your Golden Postpartum Month Nourishment Made Easy.

Looking for an easy, no-fuss postpartum herbal package?

Take the stress out of sourcing Chinese herbs with a curated package suited to your needs. No special equipment, hard-to-find ingredients or advanced cooking experience needed to support your special postpartum journey to vitality.

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The Best Pantry Staples

  • "Thank you for making this [postpartum herbal package] possible for new mums to be. You had made it easy for me as a new mum and my husband has been able to do most of the cooking as it’s so simple to follow."

  • "Just want to say your herbs are really good… my family and I thoroughly enjoyed the glow dessert. I’m also cooking the immunity blend and put in your mushrooms and it smells so fragrant! Thanks so much for your existence."

  • "I love the science advice you have offered. It is very helpful and generates an interest and connection to our roots."

  • "I love how you’re making TCM more assessable and attractive to younger people!"

  • "Cold Melbourne autumn calls for a comforting pot of BKT. Thankfully there’s good quality herbs from the herborium to the rescue."

  • "I am very impressed with your thoughts and efforts in preparing such a special package for me. I felt very pampered during my confinement. The soups and red dates tea were all delicious. I felt that they had helped me make good recovery post labour and given me excellent milk supply."

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