Why we drink herbal tonic soups?


Traditional Chinese Medicine has been around for thousands of years, and herbal soups have been right there along with it. Herbal soups consisting of bone broth with raw herbs has grounded itself as the go-to nourishing soup by our Chinese ancestors. Using food as therapy to nourish the body has long been the secret to optimal health and longevity. 

Herbal soups are a brothier version than your thick, creamy soups. However, they are much more than just a delicious bowl of flavoured water. They are a nutrient-rich, warm, gut-hugging and easily digestible healing tonic ready to support your wellness journey. Little by little, the healing adds up.


Girl drinking soup

In the Cantonese family, Mums and Grandmas have this precious innate knowledge passed down from generations on whether our bodies need to be ‘cooled’ because we had too much 'heaty' junk food or ‘warmed’ and energised to improve our focus because we stayed up all night preparing for exams. They knew exactly which herb to use to restore balance and Qi vital energy in our bodies or use as a preventative measure. Our goal is to be able to explain these to you through TCM theories and modern research.



Herbal tonic soups are packed full of nutrients which are released through slow cooked extraction. They are traditionally cooked low and slow for hours with pork or chicken bones and aromatics. This method effectively draws out the medicinal properties, releasing collagen-rich gelatin and loads of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidant properties and anti-inflammatory amino acids such as arginine and glycine. Collagen is not only the prime building block to healthy skin, hair and joints, but also for optimal gut-health. When our bodies are better able to digest the food we eat, it not only reduces the inflammatory response in our body but allows us to fully absorb the nutrients contained in our food.

This is not to say that if you are vegan or vegetarian that you can’t enjoy the wonderful healing benefits of Chinese herbs. We frequently change it up by substituting meat with plant-based proteins and vegetables as outlined in our recommended cooking instructions.

In today's world, we are seeking instant gratification, opting for pills that treat symptoms rather than causes and buying takeout as a solution to our busy, fast-paced lives. It is important we dedicate some time to slow down and put our health in our own hands. Cooking a pot of home cooked soup is a therapeutic way of filling your house with soul-soothing aromas that can be enjoyed by you and the whole family.

Being advocates of proactive wellbeing and preventative health, we invite you to nourish your body, practice self-care with our herbal blends to support your immune system and let your body be the best it can be.

As they say, 'investing in ones self is productive'.