Hello & Welcome To The Herborium!

We are passionate about using Traditional Chinese Herbs as food therapy and strive to make positive impacts on your life with Chinese herbs and tips.

My husband and I are first generation Australians and whilst we have grown up loving sunny beach days and won’t accept anything less than a good quality coffee (a large, almond flat white to be exact), we have our Chinese culture and values also deeply embedded within us. We are so excited to share with you what "the herborium" has to offer.

Chinese herbs demystified and simplified. 

Ever wondered what those floaty ingredients were in your herbal soups? They may look a bit funky, but your body sure loves them.

We have brought to life "the herborium" to share how you can reap the benefits of common Chinese herbs. While we aren’t TCM practitioners ourselves, we are committed to sharing and growing our knowledge and value the teachings from the experts around us.  

Nourishment made easy.

When my husband and I moved out of home, there were certain dishes we needed to master. Soup was first on the list. Cooking herbal soups is a preventative and restorative practice that has been embedded in our lives and culture. When we saw the less-than-ideal-quality and range of herbs available in supermarkets, which were frequently accompanied by poor English labels and strange names, we felt privileged to have grown up with the quality herbs from my father's TCM practice. We want everyone to be able to access quality herbs and understand it's benefits.

"the herborium" offers conveniently packaged herbal blends with simple, no-fuss cooking instructions to nourish and invest in the one body you have so that you have what it takes to do the things you love.

"the herborium" blends are also packaged in a biodegradable Natureflex bag. This is our way of doing good for our planet. More about this in our FAQs.

Blends formulated by an experienced and qualified TCM practitioner. 

The principles applied in our products flow from the roots of our family line and multiple generations of practice within TCM, combined with ancient TCM wisdom that has been cultivated for thousands of years and continues to grow with modern research.

My father is a current practicing TCM practitioner in Melbourne. We grew up healing our bodies with these natural remedies and have seen first-hand the healing properties of TCM. 

Our aspiration is to ensure these Traditional Chinese Herbal traditions along with our culture is carried along into future generations and continues to have its place in modern society.

Quality herbs.

Australia has a strict set of standards for importation of Chinese herbs. All herbs used within "the herborium" are entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) and batch tested for consistency and quality to protect Australians. All our herbs are approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

We are proud to offer high quality herbs to our customers. To ensure you receive quality herbs, we practice strict quality control procedures.

Made to order & hand-blended in Melbourne.

"the herborium" products are blended and hand-packed with love from our herborium located in Melbourne.


Now, let's get ready to feel sup'erb (soup & herb, superb, geddit?)!


Wen & Al


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