Postpartum Restorative Sanctuary Herbal Packages

Herbs on a plate

We are honoured to be able to curate your postpartum herbal package for such a special milestone. Our 28 day Restorative Sanctuary Packages will take you through the 4 stages of postpartum recovery:

1. Healing and Detox
2. Repair & Restore
3. Nourish
4. Rejuvenate 

The number of blends in your package is customised to suit your preferences so please reach out via our Contact page for a copy of our Postpartum Package Brochure and to get this exciting conversation going.

Herbal blends available include:

  • Sheng hua tonic
  • Herbal tonic soup blends
  • Red dates tea
  • Herbal baths

***Please note that our herbal blends are designed for the average healthy adult. For any serious conditions, please consult with your TCM practitioner.

***Please enquire and book your packages as soon as possible to avoid missing out as our monthly slots for Postpartum Packages get booked out early.