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Pregnancy Herbal Wellness Bundle

Pregnancy Herbal Wellness Bundle

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A collection of our pregnancy blends to get you started on your self-care journey through motherhood with Chinese herbs.

What's included:

1 x herbal TONIC "pregnancy vitality"

Carefully crafted to
support the immune system
to thrive throughout 
your pregnancy and beyond.

1 x herbal TONIC "pregnancy radiance"

Nourishing your body
from the inside out
too support the health of 
mama's skin, hair, and nails
during pregnancy.

1 x herbal DESSERT "pregnancy protect"

Designed to protect
your growing foetus and
support the health of the mother
during pregnancy.

1 x herbal STAPLE "fish maw" - 100g

Add a piece of this prized delicacy
to your soups for the ultimate
collagen boost.

Suitable from second trimester onwards.

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